Private Labeling

"Simply take our innovative product ideas and make them your own"

Our private labeling solution allows you to market Gonidio DNA tests as your own products,
using your existing brand image and presence. In private labeling, every occurrence of the
name "Gonidio" is replaced by the name of your choice. Other modifications of the trading
platform are also possible upon request.

Moreover, our scientists are ready to customize the products further. We’ll consult with you
to help determine the exact specifications, and we are able to discuss and implement new
ideas or improvements that you might have.

By purchasing our private labeling solution, you have a product to offer to your clients
under the name of your brand, tailor-made to suit your clients’ needs. Our scientists will
consult with you to create the DNA test panels that suit your requirements, for example by
removing sections that may not be of your interest, saving time, money and effort.

Key benefits: With Private Labeling solution you will

  • Market our advanced DNA tests as your own
  • Market your own tailor-made DNA tests
  • Easily enhance your company's image and expand your product range
  • Have availability of our scientific and technical support
  • Save your time, money and effort as compared to product development from scratch
  • Have highest customization standards
  • Minimize your risk based on our extensive experience