DNA Tests


Discover your risk to disease and reduce it! A simple DNA test can now reveal significant information about your personal risks for several common, yet serious diseases, from Cardiovascular disease to Alzheimer's. Then a plan tailored to your needs will help reduce the risks! Learn more


Are you tired of endless efforts to lose excessive weight or even maintain your body weight? DNA testing is the key to your goal! You can discover which are your tendencies regarding different aspects of weight gain. Individualized guidelines will be the answer to your needs! Learn more


Do you want to challenge time and find the way to well being? Now with DNA testing you can know your personal susceptibility to skin aging and several other traits which affect the quality of your life. A guidance adjusted to your needs can help you look and feel better! Learn more


Performance in sports is unquestionably affected by your genes! A simple DNA test detects certain advantages or barriers hidden in your genes. The results will be indicative of the individualized guidelines, required to improve your performance and your general physical condition! Learn more